When booking plans “Thickiana Mama” or “Where TF Yo Waistline?” you may be prompted to choose a date and time. Please pick your preferred start date at least a week out. For faster and checkout and repurchasing (you are purchasing another subscription) click Choose My Plan at the top of the page. Single sessions book and provide the date and time for your session at least 24hrs in advance. 


Everything you need to become your own body goals!



✓ Personalized Workout Program 

✓ Personalized Meal Plan List

✓ Complete Shopping List

✓ Allergies/Dislikes Blacklisted

✓ Diet preference Choice (General, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, etc..)

✓ Track Your Progress

✓ Lose Fat & Tone Up OR Build and Grow Options

✓ Monthly Incentives 

Our Services

  • NEW BODY ALERT! For clients looking to shape and build curves.

    1 hr

  • Sculpt, tone, and SNATCH everything up! Especially for FAT LOSS.

    1 hr

  • Full body training, non-plan specific. SWEAT IT OUT!

    Mon, Wed

    1 hr

  • General consultation for questions and other inquires.

    30 min