Frequently asked questions.


  • Which plan is best for me? 

Ask yourself what do you want to accomplish with your transformation. Match your goals with the description of the plans in "Become Your Own Body Goals." If you are still unsure you can contact me and we will do a consultation quiz. 

  • Will plans include a meal plan? 

There’s a full Meal Chart with tons of options for you to choose from with each plan! Single sessions come with meal guidance but not a full meal plan. Items are listed in food pyramid titles so you know exactly how to create your meals.

  • Will workouts be home based, gym, or both?

Both home and gym workouts! I cater to your needs and we will decide which workout setting is best for you. No excuses! 

  • How long is the plan for? 

6 WEEKS! But of course for more results you can continue beyond that. Let's be long-term friends!


  • Has this plan been tested on people other then yourself? What were the results? 


Yes! Amazing results! Check the “Results are in” tab our homepage. 


  • Will these plans work for anyone with any body type?


Yes! Nobody gets left behind! It doesn't matter where you start, you have the power to transform your body. 

  • Is this plan beginner friendly? 


Yes! My motto has always been simple yet effective.Yes we will work hard, but you will not die.  I’m not doing anything you can’t do. No super crazy workouts, no big words you won’t understand, and no super complicated meal plan.. just straight to the point!